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Contract Negotiations

KHG has negotiated contracts in both Free-Agency and Draft Bonuses. At KHG, we focus on that of the financial security and well-being of our client's future. 

Financial Services & Planning

KHG has collaborated with the best financial planners in the area to ensure our clients earnings are taken care of and invested for the future.

Concierge Services

KHG provides travel and concierge planning for clients when needed. Our firm provides the clients with the peace of mind that their travel plans will run smoothly and solutions will be provided if any obstacles get in the way. 

Post Career Management

Here at KHG, one of our main goals is to make sure our clients are prepared for life after the game or the transition into a different career. 

Marketing & Endorsements

KHG focuses on the branding, promotion, and digital management of our clients. Our goal is to build an athlete’s personal brand through customized and innovative marketing strategies as well as maximize revenue opportunities for our clients.

Amateur Contract Advising

Each advising process is unique to every family and we begin the process of advising players before the draft to fit the needs of each person. 

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