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KHG/X2 Training Facility

Here at KHG, we put development of our clients at the top of our priority list and one of the most important things an agency can offer their athletes. Getting drafted is one thing, but making it to Big Leagues is everyones end all goal. We are able to help in that pursuit with this state of the art facility. We've partnered with X2 Baseball and Luke Hagerty in the Charlotte, NC area to give our clients year-round access to top of the line baseball performance training. With the help of X2 and their top notch trainers, our clients get bigger, faster, and stronger in the offseason. All of which translates to better athletes on the field.

This 10,000 sq/ft facility offers our clients a full weight room as well as multiple mounds and cages for both pitchers & hitters. Technology from Hittrax and Trackman & Rapsodo for hitting and pitching to VBT and jump mat tech to measure explosiveness in the weight room is being used on a daily basis. 


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